Love is not just a physical attraction that can be manipulated. It is more like a bond between two people. It is finding the perfect companion.

But is finding one’s soul mate that easy? Will Karthik be able to find his soul mate in this lifetime? Which girl would become his life partner? The girl he fell head over heels his love with in his schooldays or the girl he met in college or his online friend?

Is there really someone above who makes sure that you meet your perfect partner on your life’s journey?

Karthik is smart and macho, girls find him very attractive but how should he decide who is the one for him? Will the experiences of his friends show him the way. ….

Release date:

April 1st (Book is available all over India in all famous stores like Crosswords, Reliance books etc..)



A few days left

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I am very much excited for the release of my novel after a long interval. I have been waiting for this since I started my journey as a Writer.

Lots of discussions, lots of changes, and a gap of 1 year, finally my novel is going to be released by one of the famous publishers in India. What else could I expect from my life. I think time is moving very much favour to me.

And I really loved “2012” despite of a strong belief of many people about the end of the world.

In the first week of january, I received a Job offer with a nice salary which is almost equal to the salary of a graduate employe.  And in febuaray, I won first prize in a ‘Student Design Competition’ held by “ISHRAE” which is one of the prestigious organisations in India. And now, in the same month, my dream is coming to be real.

What else should I ask?

I am very happy with my life and very excited for the release of my novel.

“The feeling when I saw a book with my name in every famous book store in India”, is just awesome.  I am waiting for it to happen as soon as possible.


Soon after completing my first, I fell in a void of questions about ‘What is next?’. I already faced many problems regarding working on writing novel, academics. I was confused whether to continue writing or to stop it for few days. I tried to steer my mind away from it from many days by enjoying the pleasures. But, the idea of continue my writing career was still alive and I was thinking about the theme. I thought, it would be better if I write Indian version of novel as many said that my first novel won’t do well in India because of lots of fiction and lots of vocabulary. Then, I was thinking about a concept. And it is obvious, my choice was ‘Love story’. In April 2010, I was sure about the theme and when I asked about the story a question rose in my mind, “What if it a college story? And what if it is a real one?”


And finally, I had a story. And for the title of the novel I nearly worked for one week thinking about it continuously without any break.

There are nearly 11 love stories in this novel with 15 characters and all of them are real except one, ANUP. His real name is ‘VINAY’. He was dead, Suicide. He was a charming student who is clever and who loves writing. He died writing a letter to their parents ending with a line which touched my heart, ‘LIVING TO DIE AND DYING TO LIVE’. I don’t whether this line is used by someone or not. But I want to dedicate this character to him. I don’t know where he lives or who he was. I read about him in an article, one amongst thousand articles which many of us would have seen in newspapers about students who kill themselves because of pressure. And the rest of the characters are real and were borrowed from my friends.


For any writer, I believe the important ingredient for writing a novel is ‘Imagination’ but   people like me, one more thing will add to it, ‘dedication’. Unless we were dedicated to do the work, I am afraid it may take years for some people to complete the novel. Many people asked me about the secret, ‘How I used to manage the time?’. Who said that I used the time perfectly, or who said that I managed the time perfectly? I didn’t. Sometimes, I experienced the worst situation because of lack of time. It took 40 days(200 pages) for me to complete the novel. And it took 45 complete days for my first novel (300 pages). To achieve something, you have to sacrifice something for it. It is inevitable.

In how many ways you can feel that you are the creator of everything? I think the answer would be none. But for an author, he is the creator and he the god for his novel. He has the power to decide anything. He has the ability to decide the fate of these characters. It is really an awesome experience when you are deciding the fate of these characters. All you have to do is just imagine that you are watching the scenes with your own eyes. Half of the novel is inspired form real incidents so, I didn’t face any big problem when I was writing it but it became tough for me to write the second half of the story because the rest of the story should weigh equally with the first half. It shouldn’t look like fantasy. So I held my mind and tried to control it carefully when I was writing the novel. At last, I completed the novel. And now it is going to be released soon. I am very much excited for the release of my novel. I am very happy about the reviews. Many authors started praising me for being a writer in such a tender age. What could a writer expects? I think it is the admiration of the people. I am not at all an exception.


Waiting for it eagerly. 🙂

First look…….

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200 days of planning, 35 days of endless work and loads of dreams are going to see this world soon with a boisterous ceremony. My second book is going to be released soon and most probably the date would be April 16 in which I consider the day as one of the most important days in my life.

I don’t know how the result would be, but what I really care is not promoting myself as a writer but my passion is going to see this world. I am very happy for that and of course I am very much excited. I am really glad for the positive comments from many authors.

“There is a lot of energy running through your writing, and I enjoyed the enthusiasm with which you view the world. Your images are often very vivid and original.”

The Ponderer’s Box

“You write from your heart and that is wonderful.”

Craig (Bandof1)

“Totally romantic story!!”

Susie Gulick

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not -….

“’Is she an angel? I am afraid, yes, She lost her way from heaven.’
How lovely! Best wishes for your writing career.”
– Weekend Chimney Sweep or Happy New Year
– Sarajevo Walls of Fate.

10 Roses for love:

It is not just a story of a guy who fell in love for the first time when he was 11, it is not just a story of a guy who made a 24 year old girl mad when he was 19, it is not just a story of a guy who was the reason for the conflict between two sisters(one was 15 and the other was 18) when he was 19 but it is a story of a boy who fell in love with a girl at his first sight and he knew nothing about her, and it is the story of that guy who meet her after a long time with sheer coincidence.

It is the story of that boy, how he won the love of that girl who would chose her death rather than acting against to her father and how 9 other love stories played an important role in succeeding it.

Note: It may include the story of you or your friend or your colleague as these 10 love stories are ‘Real’.



An interesting survey.

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An interesting survey.

Here are the answers of few questions I asked in my survey. It seems interesting but the truth was kept alive; “Boys are the most prankish species in this world but they expect to have descent people in their relations.


What do you see in a girl when you see her for the first time?

Ans: 95% of people opted to rob the property of girls. (I think most of u can guess that.)

What is the first thought when you see a beautiful girl?

Ans:     30% opted to kiss her,

30% opted to have a Girlfriend, who looks like her,

35% opted to have sex,

5% thought they could talk with her.

What kind of girl do you wish to have as your life partner?

Ans:     99% boys opted to have a descent girl, who can understand them and who can make them happy.

1% opted to have girl who listen to rock music.

NO one opted to have a girl who is sexy, hot, slim, beautiful and who can rush the adrenaline.


What kind of boy do you think is perfect for you?

Ans: Well, for this question many opted for many features in boys but the common thing was they cared much about physical features rather than their mental status. However 35% opted to have a guy with good qualities like down to earth, honest blah blah.

What do you expect from your partner?

Ans:     50% love

25% Honesty

15% Caring

10% understanding.

If you want to give a suggestion to boys, what is that?

Ans:     95% suggested “STOP DITCHING GIRLS”

5% suggested ‘don’t act desperate. You’ll get what you deserve.”

Well, the survey wasn’t much different from normal, however many of you rejected to complete it.

For boys:

This survey is not just for fun or something. I just wanted to give a moment in your life to think about your partner. Many of you are rushing to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Having a Gf/Bf won’t give you any satisfaction, in spite of that you would be a victim of problems and finally the ending was “Break up’s.” If you don’t mind I would like to ask a question to all of those 95 % people, “What will you do if someone thinks just like you about your partner? Will you spare him?”

For Girls:

‘Ditching’ is not only limited to Boys but I am afraid it was spread to many of Girls also. And remember one more thing, Love doesn’t care about physical appearance. You are saying that, most of the boys are ditching you, are a small girl? Why don’t you think before you enter into a relation?

After all, I wanted to say one thing. Love is not just having fun, kissing and Sex. It is much more. It also includes conflicts, misunderstandings and tears. Not actually, but the truth is, how much you care about her when she was crying, how much you try to blame yourselves for the mistake rather than throwing it on other and finally it is how much you kill yourselves to see his/ her smiling happily.

Finally, my hearty suggestion to all. Don’t act foolish. You can’t even imagine how it feels like when he/she is with you for the rest of your life.

“Love is not a materialistic one. It is a feeling deep in your heart”.

If anyone wanted to fill the survey again here are the links:



What I need?

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I can see,
I can talk and
I can walk.

My eyes were dried of crying,
My hands were maimed with lack of energy.
We drink our blood inspite of drinking water.
We eat our flesh despite of food.

I can feel it and
I can see it.

I touched your legs,
I prayed you liked a god and
I begged you for a penny.
My heart was stinging,
my stomach was squeezing.

I can feel it and
I can sense it.

My eyes were closing,
My body was petrified.
It was going to stop.
I can feel the coldness that swobbed me and,
I can sense the death.

God, help us, atleast with the worst.

I don’t need a house,
but what I need was shelter for my body in rain.
I don’t need the delicious dishes,
but I need food to stay alive.
I don’t need costly drink,
but I need a cup of water.

I am just 4 years old,
Help me god, and save me.

I don’t want the gloam with lightening flickers,
but I want the flinders of light to lighten up the gloam.


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I know, I don’t have to do it,
but I feel like it had a bit.
Crossing the lines of humor,
feeling like a patient with unknown fever.

Fuck it up.
I don’t care if it is something.
I had my own feelings,
and I don’t want any intruder.

I kept silent when you said it.
I loved you more than to my heart.
I loved the felicitous life,
but you chirped me and chocked my pain,
causing the deepest pain in my heart.

I gave you everything you wanted,
thou I don’t like what you wanted.
I did it for you.
I was strangled by you,
Loosing the flicker of life,
and living like a corpse with the fucking life.

I hate you,
hate you for this.