The law of love in physics

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry
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Every one likes to be in future tense.
And few like to be in present tense.
But you made me to be in past tense.

I tried to move away from it but
the displacement is ‘0’.

I tried it again,
turning my velocity to its maximum.
But still my displacement is ‘0’.
You pulled me with infinity negative acceleration.

I lost the potential energy by you.
You decreased my kinetic energy.
The law of conservation of energy holds good.
Every time I tried to turn my potential energy to kinetic energy,
it was grabbed by you.

For a second I thought Newton was correct and
at the same time I thought Einstein was wrong.

Newton was correct because
the law of gravitation hold good between us.
Einstein was wrong because the theory of relativity is wrong, as
we cannot travel in future.

Finally, I want to prove Einsteins law.
And this is possible if you accept my love.
“We will travel in future.”

  1. Jingle says:

    love your blog style, awesome poem!

  2. Amazing to explain love in a physics form, I not really a physics fan but it is well written and great explanation done, thank for sharing =D

  3. fiveloaf says:

    original and fresh!

  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    Clever and original . . . without a doubt, your’s is not “just another wordpress blog” . . . some very fine work here. Will be back. Happy Poets Rally days.

  5. buttercup600 says:

    Let’s travel in the future…with talent like yours…forever!! What a beautiful poem!! Thanks so much x

  6. Nevermoraven says:

    One-word description: gorgeous.

  7. heartspell says:

    Very clever…I enjoyed this…Heartspell

  8. gregbrown says:

    physics and poetry is a great mixture. loved the line ” You pulled me with infinity negative acceleration.”

  9. Imagina says:

    very well composed 🙂

  10. this was very clever the way you combined the physics…but also very dark at the way you have thrown yourself into a controlling love whereby the person has broken you completely down…great poem..cheers Pete

  11. dancingfreak says:

    how more scientific can u get??!! :O


    this is masterpiece for sure 🙂

    never read anything like it… u rock!! 😉

    I am nominating you for the ” PERFECT POET AWARD”

  12. hoiden says:

    interesting mix…never knew physics cud be this fun:)

  13. Jessicas Japes says:

    Nice use of Newton and Einstein! Great ideas and well presented for easy reading.

  14. revbillcook says:

    Much to think about! Thank you. – Bill

  15. Rajlakshmi says:

    lovely template of your blog 🙂 and wonderfully penned write.

  16. Kavita says:

    Om my gosh !! I absolutely LOVED this poem, the spirit in it, and your style…
    Especially so, because only yesterday, I was thinking about potential and kinetic energy… not in relation to love 🙂 ofcourse, but in their true scientific sense…
    So, I am finding it hard to believe that I am actually reading a poem on those terms, THE VERY NEXT DAY!! Too much 🙂

    Keep Writing… I totally enjoyed your work!

  17. Artswebshow says:

    smart poem.
    I think you did a good job with this

  18. hi, you have some neat poems, great job….thanks for sharing

  19. suzicate says:

    Now, this is physics I can understand! Great analogy.

  20. Morganna says:

    Very nice. I like it very much. Just so you know, the couple on the cliff is so dark over part of the poem, I couldn’t read all of it. But what I read, I liked.

  21. Tasha says:

    I loved the way you used physics in poetry! So well done!

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