Who made this?

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry

Never had an ember in my hands nor
even never had a charred hand.
But probably something would match for this.
Thou the place of it was different but
I had the same tickling sensation.

My eyes were still swinging wid air.
My hands were are trembling and
my sense were battered.
I have nothing to do on my own.

Who are you? What you did to me?
What’s the reason for this anomaly?
I am sure this was not from me.
You did all these to me.

  1. Imagina says:

    this is so sweeet 🙂

  2. Jingle says:


    you win a special poetry award,
    please read the rules and choose either to take it or reject it…
    let me know..

  3. This is such a lovely poem and you got a beautiful blog 😉

  4. Jingle says:

    reading others is fun,
    hope that you find time visiting those poets to see fresh views regarding life and poetry.

  5. Good poem! I quite enjoyed reading it!

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