An interesting survey.

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

An interesting survey.

Here are the answers of few questions I asked in my survey. It seems interesting but the truth was kept alive; “Boys are the most prankish species in this world but they expect to have descent people in their relations.


What do you see in a girl when you see her for the first time?

Ans: 95% of people opted to rob the property of girls. (I think most of u can guess that.)

What is the first thought when you see a beautiful girl?

Ans:     30% opted to kiss her,

30% opted to have a Girlfriend, who looks like her,

35% opted to have sex,

5% thought they could talk with her.

What kind of girl do you wish to have as your life partner?

Ans:     99% boys opted to have a descent girl, who can understand them and who can make them happy.

1% opted to have girl who listen to rock music.

NO one opted to have a girl who is sexy, hot, slim, beautiful and who can rush the adrenaline.


What kind of boy do you think is perfect for you?

Ans: Well, for this question many opted for many features in boys but the common thing was they cared much about physical features rather than their mental status. However 35% opted to have a guy with good qualities like down to earth, honest blah blah.

What do you expect from your partner?

Ans:     50% love

25% Honesty

15% Caring

10% understanding.

If you want to give a suggestion to boys, what is that?

Ans:     95% suggested “STOP DITCHING GIRLS”

5% suggested ‘don’t act desperate. You’ll get what you deserve.”

Well, the survey wasn’t much different from normal, however many of you rejected to complete it.

For boys:

This survey is not just for fun or something. I just wanted to give a moment in your life to think about your partner. Many of you are rushing to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Having a Gf/Bf won’t give you any satisfaction, in spite of that you would be a victim of problems and finally the ending was “Break up’s.” If you don’t mind I would like to ask a question to all of those 95 % people, “What will you do if someone thinks just like you about your partner? Will you spare him?”

For Girls:

‘Ditching’ is not only limited to Boys but I am afraid it was spread to many of Girls also. And remember one more thing, Love doesn’t care about physical appearance. You are saying that, most of the boys are ditching you, are a small girl? Why don’t you think before you enter into a relation?

After all, I wanted to say one thing. Love is not just having fun, kissing and Sex. It is much more. It also includes conflicts, misunderstandings and tears. Not actually, but the truth is, how much you care about her when she was crying, how much you try to blame yourselves for the mistake rather than throwing it on other and finally it is how much you kill yourselves to see his/ her smiling happily.

Finally, my hearty suggestion to all. Don’t act foolish. You can’t even imagine how it feels like when he/she is with you for the rest of your life.

“Love is not a materialistic one. It is a feeling deep in your heart”.

If anyone wanted to fill the survey again here are the links:




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