S. Vinay Kumar, 21 year old, is a Mechanical Engineering student in IIT Bombay. He wrote his first novel when he was 18. He received many offers from publishers all over the world like Lead Start,  Dorrance publishers, Raider publications, Wheat mark publishers, Author house publishers, Lead start publishers, Rainbow publishers and TATE publishers. His other novels include ‘The ark and the curse of the ‘Oracle‘ which is a four part series, ‘The Horrendous Gloam‘ and ‘Is she the one?‘.  He received  various awards for his excellence in engineering like ‘Excellence award’ from ISHRAE which is considered as one of the prestigious organisation in India.

  1. Anush says:

    is it a love blog….??

  2. Sahitya says:

    wats ur first novel? is it ten roses… i mean how i met my wife? or is it The ark and the aroma of peril??

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