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Soon after completing my first, I fell in a void of questions about ‘What is next?’. I already faced many problems regarding working on writing novel, academics. I was confused whether to continue writing or to stop it for few days. I tried to steer my mind away from it from many days by enjoying the pleasures. But, the idea of continue my writing career was still alive and I was thinking about the theme. I thought, it would be better if I write Indian version of novel as many said that my first novel won’t do well in India because of lots of fiction and lots of vocabulary. Then, I was thinking about a concept. And it is obvious, my choice was ‘Love story’. In April 2010, I was sure about the theme and when I asked about the story a question rose in my mind, “What if it a college story? And what if it is a real one?”


And finally, I had a story. And for the title of the novel I nearly worked for one week thinking about it continuously without any break.

There are nearly 11 love stories in this novel with 15 characters and all of them are real except one, ANUP. His real name is ‘VINAY’. He was dead, Suicide. He was a charming student who is clever and who loves writing. He died writing a letter to their parents ending with a line which touched my heart, ‘LIVING TO DIE AND DYING TO LIVE’. I don’t whether this line is used by someone or not. But I want to dedicate this character to him. I don’t know where he lives or who he was. I read about him in an article, one amongst thousand articles which many of us would have seen in newspapers about students who kill themselves because of pressure. And the rest of the characters are real and were borrowed from my friends.


For any writer, I believe the important ingredient for writing a novel is ‘Imagination’ but   people like me, one more thing will add to it, ‘dedication’. Unless we were dedicated to do the work, I am afraid it may take years for some people to complete the novel. Many people asked me about the secret, ‘How I used to manage the time?’. Who said that I used the time perfectly, or who said that I managed the time perfectly? I didn’t. Sometimes, I experienced the worst situation because of lack of time. It took 40 days(200 pages) for me to complete the novel. And it took 45 complete days for my first novel (300 pages). To achieve something, you have to sacrifice something for it. It is inevitable.

In how many ways you can feel that you are the creator of everything? I think the answer would be none. But for an author, he is the creator and he the god for his novel. He has the power to decide anything. He has the ability to decide the fate of these characters. It is really an awesome experience when you are deciding the fate of these characters. All you have to do is just imagine that you are watching the scenes with your own eyes. Half of the novel is inspired form real incidents so, I didn’t face any big problem when I was writing it but it became tough for me to write the second half of the story because the rest of the story should weigh equally with the first half. It shouldn’t look like fantasy. So I held my mind and tried to control it carefully when I was writing the novel. At last, I completed the novel. And now it is going to be released soon. I am very much excited for the release of my novel. I am very happy about the reviews. Many authors started praising me for being a writer in such a tender age. What could a writer expects? I think it is the admiration of the people. I am not at all an exception.


Waiting for it eagerly. 🙂