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I’ll be with you.

Posted: July 26, 2010 in poetry

I knew it was something,

Something which don’t have any shape.

My heart was pounding and

my senses were bouncing.

I lost the control on them.

The coldness in your eyes smothered me.

The pleasantness in your smile fledged me.

I have no words with me.

I lost in a maze of words,

and searched for the best.

Still I have no words to say about ‘YOU’.

I found the change,

The change that is completely different.

The world is different to me.

This feeling steered me from the horrrendous voids.

‘YOU’ made as the happiest,

‘YOU’ made me mad and,

‘YOU’ are my life.

I love ‘YOU’ Honey..


The law of love in physics

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry
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Every one likes to be in future tense.
And few like to be in present tense.
But you made me to be in past tense.

I tried to move away from it but
the displacement is ‘0’.

I tried it again,
turning my velocity to its maximum.
But still my displacement is ‘0’.
You pulled me with infinity negative acceleration.

I lost the potential energy by you.
You decreased my kinetic energy.
The law of conservation of energy holds good.
Every time I tried to turn my potential energy to kinetic energy,
it was grabbed by you.

For a second I thought Newton was correct and
at the same time I thought Einstein was wrong.

Newton was correct because
the law of gravitation hold good between us.
Einstein was wrong because the theory of relativity is wrong, as
we cannot travel in future.

Finally, I want to prove Einsteins law.
And this is possible if you accept my love.
“We will travel in future.”

Who made this?

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry

Never had an ember in my hands nor
even never had a charred hand.
But probably something would match for this.
Thou the place of it was different but
I had the same tickling sensation.

My eyes were still swinging wid air.
My hands were are trembling and
my sense were battered.
I have nothing to do on my own.

Who are you? What you did to me?
What’s the reason for this anomaly?
I am sure this was not from me.
You did all these to me.

The travel

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry

Many does or did it before but
Many remembers it as nothing.
But what I am traveling is the one
Which one has to remember.
It makes them to do.

Many did it alone and many paired.
I am doing this by myself,
Hitching on the dulcet machine
Trying to complete it alone.
But I need one to make it better and
To make as the one that, ‘I love it’.

So I need you,
Needs you to help me to do that.
I am waiting for you with fledged wings
Waiting for you to complete the travel.

Pain of darkness.

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry

A lots to remember and a lot to forget
but you did both to me.
When the dawn was interested to say about it,
I am much interested to say about you and
the things you did to me.
It felt sad on hearing it ’cause
it is more beautiful to feel than to its
new born morning or peaceful end of evening.

I swear all these is because of you,
the things behind it which made me mad.
I love to live with it and
I love to see them with me.

I felt the heap of darkness in me when
I did something wrong to you.
I felt the deep pain of it,
the lonely night waiting for you and for your reply.

I need you to make me believe that
I am alive and to make me believe that
I can do things on my own.
And the hard thing to say,
I am sorry.
And the sweet thing to say,
I love you.

It costs nothing:

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what I did.

I am not me.

Panes of darkness smothered me.

It costs nothing for it but

It costs one life to me.

It costs you nothing,

Gazing at the sky with red eyes,

But it costs a lot for me

waiting for you with hope.

It made me to know the danger of silence

when my thoughts are negative.

It made me to know the hidden peace in the silence that would

Fledge me when my thoughts are positive.

It costs a little for sun

to show his face with mango grooves in the sky.

And it costs a little for it when

Darkness invaded him and hiding it.

But it costs a lot when

I felt that I am in love.

And it costs a lot when

It was stabbed by you.

Whatever your answer mine is only one

I love you.