Proposing poem.

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“If you are a drop,
I’ll be the rain.

If you are d blossoms,
I’ll b a flower.

If you are the heartbeat,
I’ll b d heart.

I’ll take care of you,
without less of anything.

I love you my love…. forever and ever..”


I miss u

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I am not alone when I am in space.
I can hear the smile of you,
Memories of love greeted me.
You are the one and only one,
that I can see.

Miles away from u,
instead I feel like your with me.
I can feel the smoothness on my hands.
warmth on my lips.

I love u my dear.

Never expected to be called as IDIOT,
but I love it with the humming voice of u.
The only word that express my feelings ………

I love u……………………………………………….

I mean it sincerely and heartfully.
I love u honey.

you are the only voice of my heart.
It has been kept silent for 6 days.

I love u honey…. I love u šŸ™‚

And I am waiting for the voice of my heart. šŸ™‚

I love u

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On a most loving day of lovers, ‘valentines day’, I proposed to girl. ‘I love u’, I used this word before but I never felt the way when I proposed to her. I mean it, honestly. It was a kind of feeling. I didn’t have any words to explain it. And to my luck I proposed to her on phone. Yet, I felt like hell and squeeze of my heart.

I tapped my legs on the road and patted on my heart. I was bouncing like a ball. It was nearly 7.30 in the night. Many people going besides me found something wrong with and threw bizarre looks at me. But I gave them back to them. She kept quite. It wrecked my heart. She is not love with me. I am sure about it. We just talked for twice and chatted for two weeks. And I think this was very less time for any girl to obey anything against to their heart. Once she said about ‘Love’ when I asked her about her opinion.

“I just hate it. In my life I don’t want to take any decisions by myself. I think it is against our parents and so I just hated it. My parents are the best. I don’t want to hurt them.”

What a tough girl she was. Really she is cute and also her thoughts. It looks weird when I proposed to a girl in which I know nothing about her. but something in pursued me to do that. ‘Love’ is not in our hands. You have no right to decide to whom you should love. It is decided by your heart.Ā  My life is very much different from her. I love to talk with girls and make fun with them also I love my friends a lot. I used spend a lot of time in chatting with new girls and making good friends but especially girls. My life was totally changed after I met her. Something averted me from talking to other girls. Something made me to talk only one girl. Soon I closed my contacts with the other girls. Thou she said ‘No’ for my proposal but she never hated me nor tried to avoid me. She thought I am good. And so I thought I must be honest to her. I told about everything to her.

If you really love someone and your are honest in it, I guarantee you that you’llĀ  success in your love. but it will takes sometime. For me it took nearly six months. I thought it would take six years but thank god. He helped me.Finally she said, ‘I LOVE YOU”.

She is a tough girl but I like the way she cares about her parents. As his boyfriend and as his friend I must not break the bond between her and her parents.

She is cute. Isn’t she?

I’ll be with you.

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I knew it was something,

Something which don’t have any shape.

My heart was pounding and

my senses were bouncing.

I lost the control on them.

The coldness in your eyes smothered me.

The pleasantness in your smile fledged me.

I have no words with me.

I lost in a maze of words,

and searched for the best.

Still I have no words to say about ‘YOU’.

I found the change,

The change that is completely different.

The world is different to me.

This feeling steered me from the horrrendous voids.

‘YOU’ made as the happiest,

‘YOU’ made me mad and,

‘YOU’ are my life.

I love ‘YOU’ Honey..

The law of love in physics

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Every one likes to be in future tense.
And few like to be in present tense.
But you made me to be in past tense.

I tried to move away from it but
the displacement is ‘0’.

I tried it again,
turning my velocity to its maximum.
But still my displacement is ‘0’.
You pulled me with infinity negative acceleration.

I lost the potential energy by you.
You decreased my kinetic energy.
The law of conservation of energy holds good.
Every time I tried to turn my potential energy to kinetic energy,
it was grabbed by you.

For a second I thought Newton was correct and
at the same time I thought Einstein was wrong.

Newton was correct because
the law of gravitation hold good between us.
Einstein was wrong because the theory of relativity is wrong, as
we cannot travel in future.

Finally, I want to prove Einsteins law.
And this is possible if you accept my love.
“We will travel in future.”

Who madeĀ this?

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Never had an ember in my hands nor
even never had a charred hand.
But probably something would match for this.
Thou the place of it was different but
I had the same tickling sensation.

My eyes were still swinging wid air.
My hands were are trembling and
my sense were battered.
I have nothing to do on my own.

Who are you? What you did to me?
What’s the reason for this anomaly?
I am sure this was not from me.
You did all these to me.

TheĀ travel

Posted: July 18, 2010 in poetry

Many does or did it before but
Many remembers it as nothing.
But what I am traveling is the one
Which one has to remember.
It makes them to do.

Many did it alone and many paired.
I am doing this by myself,
Hitching on the dulcet machine
Trying to complete it alone.
But I need one to make it better and
To make as the one that, ā€˜I love itā€™.

So I need you,
Needs you to help me to do that.
I am waiting for you with fledged wings
Waiting for you to complete the travel.